It is the first natural history museum in Cameroon and Central Africa
> Wildlife specimen collection (plants, ani-mals, rocks)
> Bones, skeletons, feathers
> Animal moldings (full or partial)
> Insects
> Liana, fruits, roots, mushrooms, orchids,seeds


> Adults: 1500 FCFA ($3)
> Students: 500 FCFA ($1)
> Kids / Seniors: 300 FCFA ( $0.75)

Opening hours:

Monday — Saturday 10am - 6pm or by appointment



What We Need & What You Get

We need 5,000 USD to:

1. Continue the construction of the first building (already started with funds collected locally)

2. Hire an architect to design the museum

3. Organize campaigns to raise awareness on climate change, train researchers and traditional healers on the sustainable use of medicinal plants.

4- Transfer our current collection to the first building/location

Contributors will receive unique perks:
$50 - Free lifetime admission to the MEM

$100 - Get a signed photo from Prof. Bernard’s unique collection of beauties of Africa



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