Date of creation: The Millennium Ecologic Museum (MEM) is an exciting and relevant project created in the year 2006 by a research team headed by Professor Bernard-Aloys Nkongmeneck;
The context: The biodiversity of Cameroon and Congo Basin is declining; the reasons are:

  • The unsustainable uses of these valuable natural resources (logging, slash & burn agriculture, poaching, charcoal and fuelwood, et.)
  • The climate changes

The goals: The goals of the project are to:

  • To sensitize children, students at every level, civil servants, politics, local peoples about the importance of biodiversity
  • To teach children and students, to train young researchers on the way and technics of biodiversity conservation
  • To build lobbying programme  to convince politics, civil servants and decision makers to finance biodiversity conservation
  • To inspire Africans and create awareness on climate changes

Finally to create a synergy with all these groups of people, synergy which to save the biodiversity of Cameroon and Congo Basin.

The collections: The MEM has rich collections of plant, animal and mineral specimens collected from Cameroon and some neighboring country  ecosystems

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